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Updated November 28, 2018

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Adenium and pachypodium handbook/Rowley
Adenium, Sculptural elegance, Floral Extravagance/ Dimmitt, Joseph, Palzkill
Aeonium, in habitat and cultivation/ Schulz
African flora, articles on/ Hargreaves
Agaves, A Gallery of/ Pilbeam
Agaves: Living Scultures for Landscapes and Containers/ Starr
Agaves of Baja California/ Gentry
Agaves of continental North America/ Gentry
Agaves, yuccas and related plants/ Irish
* NEW * Aloes, of the Cactus and Succulent Journal: 50 years of descriptions /Harvey
Aloes for greenhouse and indoor cultivation/ Noble
Aloes of South Africa, guide to/ van Wyk and Smith
Aloes of South Africa, Tree/van Jaarsveld and Judd
Aloe, the Names book/ Grace, Klopper, Figueiredo and Smith
Aloes, Garden Aloes: Growing and Breeding Cultivars and Hybrids/ Smith and Figueiredo
Ariocarpus, et cetera/Pilbeam and Weightman
Arizona cactus, a guide to unique varieties/ Smith
Australian succulents/Kapitany


Baja California plant field guide/ Roberts
Baja California und seine Inseln/ Wolf
Beginner's Guide to Gasteria, Haworthia, Agave and Other Succulent Monocots / Glavich
Bold dry garden: lessons from the Ruth Bancroft Garden/ Silver
Bonsai succulents (Pachyforms v.2)/ Vosjoli and Lime
Botswana, flowering plants/ Hargreaves
Bromeliads/ Padilla
Bromeliads for modern living/ Wilson
Bushman Candles/ Craib and Lavranos

C Hedgehog cactus

Cactaceae/ Britton and Rose (2 v.)
Cacti, agaves and yuccas of California and Nevada/ Ingram
Cacti & other succulents/ Kramer
Cacti & other succulents for your home/ Meadow
Cacti & other succulents, Neale's pictorial booklet/ Lamb
Cacti & other succulents, illustrated encyclopedia/ Riha and Subik
Cacti & other succulents, the book of/ Chidamian
Cacti & other succulents, illustrated reference/(5 vols)/Lamb
Cacti & succulents/ Andersohn
Cacti & succulents/ Pavey
Cacti & succulents, growing/ Harland
Cacti & succulents/ Perl
Cacti & succulents/ Smith
Cacti & succulents, the ultimate book of/ Anderson
Cacti & succulents/ pocket encyclopedia of/ Lamb
Cacti & succulents/ Keen
Cacti & succulents in habitat/ Preston-Mafham
Cacti & succulents, the complete handbook of/ Innes
Cacti & succulents, the handbook of/ Innes
Cacti & succulents, guide to/ Schuler
Cacti & succulents for the amateur/ Glass and Foster
Cacti & succulents, world encyclopedia of/ Anderson
Cacti/ Barthelott
Cacti/ Innes & Glass
Cacti for the connoisseur/ Pilbeam
Cacti of Arizona/ Benson
Cacti of California, the native/ Benson
Cacti of North America, familiar/ Audubon Society
Cacti of the world/ Lamb
Cacti of Texas and neighboring states/ Weniger
Cacti of the desert Southwest/ Quinn
Cacti of the Southwest/ Earle
Cacti of the United States and Canada/ Benson
Cacti of the Southwest, 70 common/ Fischer
Cacti, an introduction to/ Schuster
Cacti, an illustrated guide/ Schneck
Cacti, Illustrated Encyclopedia of/Innes and Glass
Cacti, colour encyclopedia of/ Japan Succulent Society
Cacti, encyclopedia of/ Cullman
Cacti, The Great/Yetman
Cacti, the world of/ Schuster
Cacti, the pocket encyclopedia of/ Lamb
Cacti, the illustrated dictionary/Preston-Mafham
Cactus/ Manke
Cactus & succulents, the world of/Ortho Books
Cactus & succulents in your home/ Atkinson
Cactus & succulents/ Lane Pub. Co.
Cactus club killings (novel)/ Walpow
Cactus family/ Anderson
Cactus handbook/ Haustein
Cactus identifier, including succulent plants/ Bechtel
Cactus lexicon/ Backeberg
Cactus, new lexicon/ Hunt
Cactus primer/ Gibson and Nobel
Cape bulbs, Color Encyclopedia of/ Manning, Goldblatt & Snijman
Caudiciform and pachycaul succulents/ Rowley
Conophytum, the genus/ Hammer
Copiapoa/ Charles
Copiapoa in their environment 2006/ Schulz and Kapitany
Crassula/ Rowley
Cucumber family in Botswana/ Hargreaves


Desert gardening/ Lane Pub. Co.
Desert gardens/ Lyons and Lovick
Designing with succulents/ Baldwin
Discocactus/ Buining
Dry Climate Gardening with Succulents/ Huntington Gardens
Dudleya and Hasseanthus handbook/ Thomson


Echeveria cultivars/ Schulz and Kapitany
Echeverias, guide to cultivation and identification/ Carruthers
Echinocereus/ Blum
Echinocereus/ Pilbream
Echinocereus (special issue 1998)/ Cactus & Co.
Echinocereus, the genus/ Taylor
Epiphyllum species and their hybrids, list #15/ Beahm Gardens
Epiphyllum basics/ Minogue


Ferocactus/ Pilbeam and Bowdery
Ferocactus, the genus/ Lindsay
500 cacti/Preston-Mafham
Fouquieria, Genus/Scott


Garden succulents, the Primer/ Smith and Wyk
Gardening in containers/ Lane Pub. Co.
Gasterias of South Africa/ Van Jaarsveld
Genus Echeveria, The/ Pilbeam
Glossary of Botanical terms/ Succulent Plants/Eggli 
Glossary of Succulent plant terms/ Marshall and Woods
Guide to the Aloes of South Africa 2nd ed./ van Wyk & Smith
Gymnocalycium/ Putnam
Gymnocalycium, a collector's guide/ Pilbeam
Gymnocalycium in habitat & culture/ Charles


Hardy Succulents/Kelaidis
Haworthia and Astroloba, a collector's guide/ Pilbeam
Haworthia handbook, the new/ Bayer
Haworthia for the collector/ Schulz
Haworthia, introduction to the study of the genus
Haworthia update, v.1/ Bayer
Haworthias, the first fifty/ Pilbeam
Haworthias, the second fifty/ Pilbeam
House Plants cacti and succulents/ Huxley
Hoya Basics/ Kloppenberg
Hoya Handbook/Kloppenberg and Wayman
Huntington Botanical Garden, 10-5-1949/ Hertrich





Lesotho's Heritage in Jeopardy/ report
Lithops/ Cole
Lithops, treasures of the veld/Hammer
* NEW * Lithops, wild/Jainta
Lobivia (3 vols)/ Rausch


Mammillaria/ Pilbeam
Mammillaria handbook/ Craig
Mammillaria, Cactus File handbook/ Pilbeam
Mammillaria, a collector's guide/ Pilbeam
Melocactus/ Thomson Taylor
Melocactus, in Central and South America/ Taylor
Meritorious mammillarias/ Maddams
Mesembryanthemaceae, the genera of the/ Herre
Mesembs: the Titanopsis group/ Hammer
Mesembs of the world/ Smith
Mesembs, growing the/ Storms


Namaqualand, a succulent desert/ Cowling
Name that succulent/ Rowley


Orchids, the international book of/Hunt
Opuntias, small/Pilbeam and Partridge


Pachycauls/ Vosjoli
Pachypodium & Adenium/ Rowley
Pilosocereus/ Zappi
Plant Lover's Guide to Sedums, The/ Horvath
Plant propagation/ American Horticultural Society
Prickly Pears; Green & Ferguson
Prickly pear cookbook/ Niehammer



Rebutia/ Pilbeam
Rebutia, genus/ Fearn & Pearcy
Rock gardens/ Lane Pub. Co.


Saguaro forest/ Wild
Sansevieria/ Brown
Sansevieria, Splendid/ Chahinian
Sansevieria trifasciata varieties/ Chahinian
Saxifrages, a manual of/ Webb
Sedums, sempervivums, plant jewels of the high country/Payne
Southern African plant red data lists
Stapeliads in cultivation/ Lamb
Stapelia, revision of the genus/ Leach
Stapeliads, an introduction of the/ Rainman
Stapeliads/ Pilbeam
Succulent and xerophytic plants of Madagascar (2 v.)/ Rauh
Succulent Compositae: a guide Senecio & Othonna/ Rowley
Succulent container gardens/ Baldwin
* NEW * Succulent plants of Socotra/ Lodé
Succulent flora of Southern Africa, Revised/ Court
Succulent flora of Southern Africa/Court
Succulent plant growing/Graham
Succulent plant terms, glossary of/ Marshall
Succulent plants, handbook of (3v.)/Jacobsen
Succulent plants of the Canary Islands/ Joel Lode
Succulent plants, lexicon of/ Jacobsen
Succulent plants other than cacti, list of names/ Eggli
Succulent spurges of Malawi/ Hargreaves
Succulent Success in the Garden/ Kapitany and Schulz
Succulents/ Innes
Succulents and Cactus/Lane publishing
Succulents Simplified/ Baldwin
Succulents, care and health/ Schulz and Kapitany
Succulents for the contemporary garden/ Cave
Succulents for the garden/ Kapitany and Schulz
Succulents of Australia/ Kapitany
Succulents of Southern Africa/ Barkhuizen
Succulents, more for the garden/ Schulz and Kapitany
Succulents: propagation/Kapitany and Schulz
Succulents, colour encyclopedia of/ Japan Succulent Society
Succulents, gardening with/ Mabe
Succulents, soft/ Moore
Succulents, the illustrated dictionary (2 v.)/ Sajeva & Costanzo
Succulents, wonderful world of/ Rauh
Succulents & cacti, illustrated encyclopedia/ Rowley
Succulents & cactus/ Hargreaves
Succulents: ultimate guide to choosing, designing, and growing 200 easy-care plants/ Stockwell
Sulco gallery/ Pilbeam & Hunt
Sulcorebutia & Weingartia, collector's guide/ Pilbeam
Succulent Plants of the World, Timber Press Guide to/ Dortort
Superb Succulents/ Benadom


Teratopia: The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents/Rowley




Wild cactus/ Huey and Houk



Yucca I/ Hochstatter
Yucca II/ Hochstatter
Yucca III/ Hochstatter


Zygocactus/ Cobia



Ariocarpus Genus (Kaktusy Special Issue #2) /Kunte and Sedevy
Asklepios, Journal of the Intl Asclepiad Soc. 101, 104, 106, 110
Bulletin of Cactus Research 1934-1937
Cactus & Co. 1997:1; 1998:1-4; 1999:1-4
Cactus & succulent journal (U.S.) v.31 to present 1959-
Cactus & succulent journal (U.S.) v. 1-35 (1929-1993), 4 DVDs
Cactus & succulent journal yearbook 1966; 1975
Cactus & succulent journal 10-year index 1979-1988
Cactus file v. 1-2 (1991-1997)
Desert plants v. 4-8 (1982-1987)
Euphorbia journal v. 1-10 (1983-1995)
Euphorbia World/Intl. Euph. Jour. 5-07, 9-08, 12-09, 12-10, 8-11
Brazil and Its Columnar Cacti (Kaktusy Special Issue #1)/
Flowering plants of Africa v. 45, no. 1-2, (1978)
Haseltonia (1994) no. 1-6 1993 though 1998

Palo Verde at the Deutch Garden - photographed by Mary Ann Villegas