July 2021 Calendar

1 - July Zoom Presentation: "Aloes on My Mind: Exploring Aloe Hybrids One Generation at a Time"
by Karen Zimmerman, Succulent Plant Propagator for the Huntington
Thursday, July 1, 2021 | 6:30 p.m. | Meeting ID: 822 1504 0803 | Passcode: 651603
Check your e-mail for Zoom instructions from Robert.

10 - Happy Birthday to Norma Forbes and Carolee Clayton

12 - Happy Birthday to Laverne Cottet

18 - Happy Birthday to Burma Gunther

19 - Happy Birthday to Rosanna Rojas

21 - Happy Birthday to Marcia Rosenberg

21 - July workshop - an opportunity to get questions answered and to show us your brag plants! Check your email for Zoom instructions from Robert.

24 - Happy Birthday to Jessica Evans

24 - Open Greenhouse Day at the Skillin Ranch
Your July 2021 newsletter has a map to Skillin Ranch and details about this remarkable annual sales event.

26 - Happy Birthday to Gloria Conlin

31 - Happy Birthday to Carol Grosch

Save the date: August 6-8 - Intercity Show and Sale

Los Angeles Arboretum, 301 N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA
The show is August 7-8, and the sale is August 6, 7, and 8. More information will be forthcoming as the time nears. Intercity is likely the largest cactus and succulent show in the world and the sale is enormous with vendors from all locations. Entrance is by reservation (tickets) only. Contact the Arboretum (626-821-3222) for more information. Plan to get your tickets ahead of the event. We have heard from an event planner that the Arboretum is granting only 100 reservations per hour and there are only 500 parking spaces there.

From the Prez ...
Robert Scott

Hello Members,

I hope all of you survived the insane heat that hit the valley last week. It was brutal! It's always stressful wondering if a plant will survive those temperatures. I moved a few plants under the patio and others got covered in shade cloth. For others it was just hoping for the best. The greenhouse got to 125 degrees. I had two box fans going inside of it and having that airflow is key in the heat. Everything looks like it survived the heat wave, now just have to wait for the next one to arrive.

Moving your plants or covering them with shade cloth can help them survive the intense heat. The issues come once the heat is over and moving the plants back into the sunlight. If you moved a plant to the patio for a few days and then moved back to the full sun, you could end up burning your plants. In the course of just a day or two the plant tissues can become thinner/weaker to sunlight. So you actually end up burning the plant after you save them. Move your plants back slowly, over the course of a few days back into the intense sun. Slowly move them to a bright location each day so the tissues thicken. You could use pieces of shade cloth as well. Move the plant and cover with a double layer of shade cloth. Give a few days and go to a single layer, then a few more day until you remove the cloth. You have to slowly build up the sun tolerance of the plant. Moving plants back into full sun takes time but it's much better than having burnt plants. Thank you to everyone who donated and bid on plants for the Summer Silent Auction. The club brought in over $1200! We couldn't have done it without your support.

As everyone knows the community is starting to open up. In the next few weeks the Board will be getting together to discuss how the club will get back to in person meetings. It's not a simple thing and we will be figuring out what will be best for the members. We want to be in person while keeping all the members safe. Once that is figured out you will receive emails on how in person meetings will be implemented.

Take care,