June 2021 Calendar

2-9 - Online Summer Silent Auction

3 - South Africa - Namaqualand by Steven Frieze (on Zoom)

Program is on Thursday, Jue 3, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.
Zoom Meeting ID: 822 9005 9692 Passcode: 116590

9 - Happy Birthday Henry Coggan!

15 - Happy Birthday to Sherrie Evans!

16 - June Workshop

Bring your questions and brag plants

17 - Happy Birthday Russal McLachlan!

21 - Happy Birthday Larry Homan!

29 - Happy Birthday Sue Loucks!

From the Prez ...
Robert Scott

Hello Members,

I'm writing this as I recoup from an exceptionally long weekend working at the Fresno Home and Garden Show. As most of you know, the Club decided to attend this year's event after it was moved to May, infection rates in Fresno County dropped, and more people got vaccinated. We were concerned if the public would show up in great enough numbers to make attending worth it. We noticed that the crowds were lighter than previous years, but that didn't matter. People came out to buy and buy they did! The Club brought in a gross total of $21,415! This was easily ten thousand more than our last sale in 2020, which is an incredible amount to say the least. People were plant hungry and were ready to shop and ultimately this sale exceeded our expectations and expelled our initial concerns.

In anticipation of smaller crowds, we scaled back our inventory and space. Additionally, we knew we would have fewer volunteers to help run things. It should be noted that everyone that helped and gave time went above and beyond this year, which made our successful event possible. Thank you to Cindy and Monty, who always bring the Club tablecloths and signage, making our area presentable. A huge thank you to Craig and Michele, who worked the checkout area, ringing up customers and packaging plants the entire weekend! Christeen, Pat, Linda and Peter did an excellent job helping with checkout, thank you! None of our sales would have been possible without every one of you!

Another surprise we had was getting fifteen new members during the event. Welcome to the club, we hope to see you at our Zoom meetings and eventually in person! The best part of the whole weekend was seeing everyone in person. After over a year of not having meetings, it was wonderful to do something together.

Now that one event is over, the next one is starting up. Our Online Summer Silent Auction starts June 2nd and goes until June 9th. On June 2nd you will be emailed a link to view all the items that are up for auction. You can bid on any item you like. Each day the bidding will end at 7pm and an updated list will be emailed out with the updated amounts for each item. On the last day, June 9th get your high bid in as bidding will end at 7pm. June 11th will be item pick up at the Lowe's in Riverpark. This is also when you will pay for your items.

We are still looking for donations to use in the auction. We could use plants, cuttings, books, statues, pottery, and garden items. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! There are two ways to donate. Send me photos of the items by May 31st and then bring the items to the June 11th pick up or work out a time with me to get the items beforehand. Please contact me if you would like to donate to the auction!

Thank you,